Lexington, KY

Stitzel-Weller Distillery

We replaced 14 dry systems, 5,000 sprinklers, and an underground fire main as part of a distillery renovation.

Exterior view of the Steitzel-Weller Distillery smoke stack

Value Delivered

A location that formerly served as a distillery needed infrastructure upgrades and updates to be functional as a storage and resting facility for barrels of various whiskies owned by the Bulleit Distilling Company.

We supplied facility-wide fire suppression solutions to protect their inventory, and also assisted with finalizing their renovation by demolishing the existing bottling building.

To help keep them in compliance, we provided four years of full National Fire Protection Association-25 quarterly and annual inspections, and performed ongoing repair and maintenance services.

Client Objectives

The client was renovating a former distillery and needed complete fire suppression systems, as well as ongoing facility inspection and maintenance support.


In addition to demolition of the bottling building, and facility inspections and maintenance, Dalmatian Fire designed, furnished, and installed all fire suppression solutions, including:

  • All boiler building systems
  • 14 dry systems
  • 5,000 sprinklers throughout numerous barrel warehouses
  • Ten post indicator valves for the underground fire main
  • Fire pump system

Client Background

The Stitzel-Weller Distillery has not functioned as a distillery since 1992. It serves as a storage and resting location for barrels of whiskey owned by the Bulleit Distilling Company.