Shelbyville, KY

Bulleit Distilling Company

We installed fire suppression systems and provide ongoing inspections for this innovative new distillery.

Exterior view of Bulleit Distilling Company

Value Delivered

The Bulleit Distilling Company’s new distillery was constructed to leverage the latest technology available in warehousing and distillation, including enhancements that help conserve and reuse resources. The facility’s design focuses on improving process efficiency and minimizing environmental impact.

To help protect this state-of-the-art distillery, we installed fire suppression solutions throughout multiple buildings. Additionally, our inspector has been on site at the distillery since project inception, performing weekly, quarterly, monthly, and annual inspections to help the distillery remain in compliance.

Client Objectives

This client was building a new, technologically-advanced distillery and needed complete fire suppression solutions and ongoing inspections.


Dalmatian Fire designed, furnished, and installed all fire suppression solutions within the following areas:

  • Distillery
  • Pump house with two 3,000 gallons-per-minute fire pumps
  • Administrative building
  • Barreling building
  • Barrel warehouse #2
  • Barrel warehouse #6
  • Barrel warehouse #11
  • Wet cake building
  • Dry grain building
  • Utility building

Client Background

Bulleit Distilling Company is a facility built in 2017 and opened to visitors in 2019.