Louisville, KY

Brown-Forman Distillery Campus

Throughout a large distillery and warehouse campus, we installed fire suppression systems, a new underground main, and over 11,000 sprinklers.

Exterior view of Brown-Forman Distillery Campus

Value Delivered

Dalmatian Fire helped keep product and staff safe across one of the oldest distillery campuses in Louisville, Kentucky, by installing fire suppression systems in multiple warehouse and distillery locations.

We also provided ten years of full NFPA-25 inspections for the entire facility, including quarterly and annual inspections, and performed all repairs and maintenance.

Client Objectives

As part of a facilities renovation, the client needed fire suppression solutions in multiple locations throughout their Louisville, Kentucky campus.


Dalmatian Fire designed, furnished, and installed all fire suppression solutions, including:

  • Fire suppression systems for Brown-Forman’s barrel warehouses "A" and "B" and Early Times’ barrel warehouse "O"
  • NFPA-15 water spray system for main tank loading/unloading at the Brown-Forman and Early Times distilleries
  • Underground main at the Early Times distillery including approximately 1,000 lineal feet of 12-inch underground fireline and a fire vault
  • Sprinkler heads in all warehouses and over 11,000 sprinklers

Client Background

The Brown–Forman Corporation is one of the largest American-owned companies in the spirits and wine industry.